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Teacher Development Resource Book for Pre-Service ELT Education Programs

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Avtor. Janez Skela in Lara Burazer ISBN: 9 789616 239905 Obseg: 167 strani 


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The book is an essential introduction to the indispensable steps in teacher train- ing and development, largely based on the notion of the teacher as ‘reflective practi- tioner’ – someone who reflects on the practice of their profession as a way of devel- oping their expertise in it. The book shows how the notion of ‘reflective practitioner’ can provide a coherent framework that links theory and practice. It will help inexpe- rienced teachers gain confidence in establishing sound working practices and give more experienced teachers ideas to refresh their routines. With its specific focus on English language teaching, it is a unique methodology book, and an ideal preparation resource for students of English language pedagogy at the Master’s level of university programs. The resource book’s primary purpose is therefore to provide new teachers with the basic teaching skills, background knowledge and awareness that will subsequent- ly enable them to develop and fine-tune what they do in the classroom. Incorporating the latest (practical) developments in the area of teacher training, it is divided into user-friendly sections on ‘Teaching practice’, covering planning TP, classroom obser- vation to help trainees get the most from lesson observations, lesson planning, giv- ing feedback on teaching, etc. The second section is an indispensable collection of the documents that help student-teachers, mentors and teacher trainers organise and navigate the process of teaching practice. With its broad bird’s eye perspective, it offers comprehensive guidance on making the transition from learning to teaching and clear guidance on ongoing professional development.